free wifi without TIM, WINDTRE, VodafoneYou have chosen your Fiber offer with the new one included router WiFi which promises theoretical speeds of hundreds of Mbps. Exciting if it were not that the 100 mW peak of the antennas can hardly move the signal to different rooms. You are looking for a solution that allows you to potential signal without changing router. Netflix is ​​not seen, video calls block. The Internet becomes a nightmare made up of expectations and compromises.

In this post we will see what i am more effective tricks to optimize your wireless network. Without uncovering walls, going through complex configurations and without taking on the costs of a Mesh network worth hundreds of euros, let’s see how.

How to enhance WiFi: tricks from real geeks

Let’s start from the basics. There location of the router. The ideal would be to have a telephone socket placed in the center of the house. By their physical nature, in fact, the electromagnetic waves of the signal are spread concentric in all directions. A bad idea is to interpose the emitting device near walls, ceilings and floors. By doing so much of the signal disperses making medium range coverage ineffective.

If moving the device has no effect, you may be using one 2.4 GHz network which is congested by the number of devices registered to the network and by neighboring neighbors’ networks.

By carrying out a check for neighboring networks, we realize that there are numerous networks. In other case we may have too many connected devices that download data at the same time and slow down the network. In these cases it is better to use the ACL (Access Control List) to limit the number of users able to access the network. In the same way we move the radio channel choosing a free one that does not conflict with that of the neighbors.

For a better result it is good to choose the 5 GHz network which is less congested, faster but also less subject to use over long distances. Instead of all the above considerations we could, in case of compatibility of the connected devices, use the 5 GHZ network for the closest devices and the 2.4 GHz one when we intend to use the signal over medium distances.

In the event that all the previous solutions have not produced a good result, we recommend the use of extend wifi, simple devices to be connected to a power outlet that extend the signal at a cost of a few euros.

Finally, another trick is to use a PC Windows 10 connected to the WLAN. Using the mobile tethering function, we can extend the signal of our network without a SIM. Useful if we have a fixed PC always on or a laptop that, in this case, will act as a second router without requiring additional costs and changes to the network configuration.