How to have all DTT channels on your Android or iPhone mobile without installing anything

We are going to explain to you how to have all DTT channels on your mobile, whether it is Android or an iPhone, and we are going to do it without installing applications to watch DTT. In this way, you will not have to worry about looking for applications and downloading them, you will be able to watch the channels directly from the mobile browser.

And the trick is precisely in that, in finding an application that is well adapted to be viewed on mobile, which is the one that we are going to propose to you today. With it, all the channels will be seen on the screen in a very easy to understand and click on them, as if they were icons, and you will be able to start watching them immediately and easily.

Free DTT and without apps on your mobile

The only thing you have to do to watch DTT on your mobile in a simple way is enter the website of Photocall, whose URL is You will enter a page where you will be shown all the DTT channels that you can watch online. At the top of the page you have tabs to see national, international or other channels, and there is even a search engine.


When you click on any of the channels, a menu will appear. This menu can have different options depending on the channel and what it offers, but to simply watch it, you have to click on the option Direct to go to the playback screen.

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Now comes the tricky part. When you click on Direct, the playback screen will open. Here, when you click on the play button a new advertising tab will open, so without closing it you will have to go back to the previous tab and press again to start the playback. This is how this service makes money, showing advertising every time you click on the screen.


Finally, the DTT channel you have chosen will begin to play. Now, if you want to see it in full screen you will have a button for that at the bottom right, next to the volume control. But you can also see it vertically if you want.


Regardless of how you decide to view it, you will always have the same controls below. You can choose the quality of the broadcastas well as its speed. You can also pause it whenever you want.

How to have all the DTT channels on your Android TV or your mobile without searching or tuning them


And if your mobile and your browser support it, when you minimize or close the browser, the video will continue to be seen in PiP, in a small superimposed window. And even if you close it, also some browsers like Chrome will continue to play the audio so you can hear what happens without seeing it.



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