How to get the DGT sticker to enter the ZBE

Sport How can you get the DGT sticker to enter the ZBE? It is a simple and relatively inexpensive process if all the requirements are met.

From January 1, 2023, all municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants must have their own Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in which access and mobility to cars will be restricted due to their polluting power. For this, the town halls will take as a reference the famous labels of the DGT, the environmental label stuck to the windshield.

The introduction of this new standard has caught more than one driver who has not yet obtained his environmental label to get in with him coach to Low Emission Zones such as Madrid or Barcelona. If this is your case, don’t worry, in this article we will explain how to get the DGT sticker to enter the ZBE.

Practical guide: how to get the DGT environmental label to enter the ZBE zones of 2023

Sport Identify which sticker corresponds to your car

To begin with, you must find out if your car has an environmental label. There are four types of stickers that the DGT defined and not all cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles have access to them. To obtain it, your car must be eligible and this is demonstrated by meeting a series of requirements.

As a summary, these are the requirements to obtain each of the stickers in the DGT:

  • Label B: gasoline vehicles registered from the year 2001 that comply with the Euro 3 emission standard, and diesel vehicles registered from January 2006 with the Euro 4 or Euro 5 regulations.
  • Label C: gasoline vehicles registered as of 2006 with Euro 4 regulations or later, and diesel vehicles registered as of 2014 that comply with the Euro 6 emission standard.
  • ECO label: plug-in hybrid cars with an electric range of less than 40 kilometers, non-plug-in hybrids, micro-hybrids and natural gas (both CNG and LPG).
  • 0 Emissions Label: electric cars, extended-range electric, hydrogen fuel cell and plug-in hybrids with more than 40 kilometers of autonomy.
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There is also a category for those who do not meet any of the above requirements. They are called category A and, if your car is from this group, you cannot opt ​​for any DGT environmental label.

Sport How to get the DGT sticker to enter the ZBE?

To get the long-awaited DGT sticker after finding out which environmental label corresponds to your car, you must go to an office post officeto a center of the workshop network of the Spanish Confederation of workshops (CETRAA) and other networks of authorized workshops, to administrative managers o al Institute of Automotive Studies (DESIGNED CAR).

In any of these places you can request the DGT sticker, which costs between 5 and 8.40 eurosa figure that may vary depending on whether there are shipping costs and other concepts.



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