Despite the doubts generated with its business model, often related to ponzi schemes, Axie Infinity and its token AXS continue to grow like foam and gain new followers thanks to the model play-to-earn and the support of partners like Ubisoft or Samsung.

However, those who want to enter the game are held back by an initial payment that can amount to hundreds of dollars / euros and without the possibility of taking a test to be able to play for free and see if it convinces you. That’s where the system comes in. becas de Axie Infinity (scolarship).

What is an Axie Infinity Scholarship?

The Axie Infinity Scholarship and Scholarship System It is a kind of rental in which the owner of the game’s creatures gives them to other users with the promise of distributing part of the income they generate.

It is the way to enter it with the intention of play for free To see what it is and, if you are interested, go a step further, but as in everything that has money involved, you have to be very careful and inform yourself as much as possible.

What does it mean to be an Axie Infinity Scholar?

When you find a user who wants to give you their creatures to grant you a beca de Axie Infinity certain are established criteria that will mark the relationship between owner and fellow. Normally a minimum of working hours are demanded in exchange for a profit percentage.

Generally, the percentage of profits set is usually significantly lower than what the owner will take and it is very difficult to even find a equitable or positive change facing the scholarship.

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How to get an Axie Infinity scholarship?

The safest way to get an Axie Infinity scholarship It is through the official Discord of the game, where there is a specific section for scholarships in which the offer is usually much lower than the demand. In other words, there are many more people looking for scholarships than there are players offering them.

Although a quick search on the internet offers a multitude of sites that offer Axie Infinity Spanish ScholarshipsWe recommend that you be very careful before accepting any deal and try to inform yourself about the conditions granted or the experience of other players who have been in the same situation.

Despite being dressed for a game and adorned with pastel colors, Axie Infinity It implies putting in money and time without guarantees of seeing the investment recovered, so before entering it we recommend that you think about it calmly and discuss it with your family and friends.

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