How to get a certificate of concubinage and what is it for?

Las romantic relationships and the way they are formalized is constantly changing. Currently, there are those who no longer opt for the Civil marriage and, much less, for the Iglesiakeeping a concubinage marital relationship.

Those who have been living as a couple for some years can formalize their relationship with a act of concubinagewhich is used to make legal and health procedures which, with time and age, become indispensable.

What is a concubinage certificate?

The act of concubinage guarantees that two people live together as if they were a marriage, but without having been married by the civil or the Church.

Concubinage occurs when the couple has, at least two years of living together or have a child together. The purpose of the act is to provide legality to the union.

When a couple decides to process the aforementioned document, they must take into account that they will be entitled to rights, but also to obligations.

What is needed to process it and what is it for?

The act of concubinage is granted in the Mexico City (CDMX) since 2014.

The document gives legal certainty to a relationship and can serve, among other things, to process:

To process the certificate of concubinage you must go to any office of the Civil Registry in CDMX.

  • The data: the central court is located at Arcos de Belén number 19, corner Dr. Andrade, in the neighborhood Doctores

Don’t forget to bring:

  • official identification
  • Proof of address, with at least two years of residence
  • Proof of non-existence of marriage, which is processed in the civil registry
  • Birth certificate of the child or children, if any
  • Request duly requested
  • Birth certificate of the interested parties

The cost of Procedure It is 81 pesos.

Ojo: to carry out the procedure, both people must attend with witnesses to prove the relationship.

The death of an IMSS pensioner gives rise to widowhood or concubinage pensions. The beneficiary must have all her documents in order, including the birth certificate, the pensioner’s last pay stub, the CURP of both and, in the case of cohabitants, demonstrate that they lived together for the last five years.

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