How to export and save Chrome bookmarks on mobile

How to export and save Chrome bookmarks on mobile

Los bookmarks or favorites they are the last refuge when you need to find something. we have become accustomed to search everything in the search engine itself, usually Google. But there are places that we like to visit regularly and we keep them in the form of chrome bookmarks or Google favorites. So they are always there.

And among the advantages of using Chrome on your Android is that those bookmarks they are synchronized with your user Google and so you have access to all your bookmarks on different platforms where you have Google Chrome installed. The process is automatic. but you may want keep a copy handy. By chance. O to switch browsers.

Whatever the reason for export your bookmarks For Chrome, the process is relatively simple. And since they are saved in a single file, it will be very convenient for you to share, send or save wherever you want. On your device, in the cloud or your mailbox.

How to export bookmarks from Google Chrome to Android

pressing on the google chrome dropdown menu on Android, you’ll see the shortcut to view your bookmarks or bookmarks in English. You can organize them in folders or just let them accumulate in list form. You can too smudge or edit them. And to add a new link to your Google favorites list you just have to open a web page, click on the drop-down menu and, finally, select the star icon.

But the option to export bookmarks Chrome is not so visible. It’s more. It’s not even officially available on Android. But there are several alternatives. The first option consists of sync bookmarks from Google and then export them from your PC.

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Sync Chrome Bookmarks on AndroidSync Chrome Bookmarks on Android

  1. In Chrome for Android, go to Setting.
  2. Activate synchronization with your Google user.
  3. if you walk into Synchronize you will see that everything will sync, including bookmarks.
  4. Now see Chrome for Windows or Chrome for macOS.
  5. Go into Setting and activate the synchronization with your Google user.
  6. and a Bookmarks> Bookmark Manager and you will see all your synced links.
  7. Click on the More dropdown and then on Export bookmarks.
  8. You will get an HTML file with your Google bookmarks.

If you don’t want to have to search for favorite links or bookmarks Outside of Android, there are several solutions for this. In the past, it was possible to find Chrome favorites by browsing in android folders. But, little by little, Google has been eliminating this type of solution. Even if you search with file explorer that allow you to see hidden content.

So today, the most effective way to get chrome bookmarks from android consists of asking Google to prepare the file with your favorite bookmarks through the tool Google Takeout.

Google Takeout serves for export all data, files and information that Google has about you. When you enter this tool, you will see that dozens of Google apps and services appear, such as Gmail, Drive, YouTube, Maps, Chrome… But in the case at hand, we only want Chrome favorites.

Export bookmarks from Google TakeoutExport bookmarks from Google Takeout

  1. Enter Google Takeout from Chrome for Android or another browser.
  2. Sign in, if you haven’t already, with your Google username, the same one you use in Chrome.
  3. Uncheck all the options that you will find by clicking on Deselect all.
  4. Keep only the option checked markers in Chrome.
  5. Click on Next step.
  6. Choose to download the bookmarks only once and receive the download link in your email.
  7. After a few minutes, you will receive that email. Click on the button Download the files.
  8. You will get a ZIP file with an HTML file inside. There are the markers.
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To see the contents of the ZIP file you will have to open the Google Files app. It comes installed by default on Android.

Open a ZIP file from Files by GoogleOpen a ZIP file from Files by Google

  1. From Files, go into the ZIP file. you will see it in recent.
  2. Go to the folder where the Chrome bookmarks are.
  3. Touch and hold the HTML file to select it.
  4. Click on the dropdown menu and choose the option Export.
  5. Accept the default route.

The HTML file, once unzipped, can be opened from different applications. For example, from Google Chrome. And you can use it for export chrome bookmarks in other applications or web browsers.

Where are Chrome bookmarks saved on Android?

Although Google Chrome allows you to sync your bookmarks over the internet, everything in android is stored locally. This includes Chrome’s cache, its settings, and other things like bookmarks. Unfortunately, each new version of Android prevents access to certain folders and contents of Android.

Android has its own file explorer. By default it shows you the most important files and folders. But if you want, you can see the memory content and also access hidden content. The problem is being able to find what you are looking for.

In the case of Chrome bookmarks, in the old days you could find them in the route /data/data/ But if you search for that path in newer versions of Android, you’ll have a hard time finding it. At most, it is possible to find the folder where the files are downloaded from Chrome: /android/data/

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View Chrome Bookmarks on AndroidView Chrome Bookmarks on Android

So the only way to see Chrome bookmarks on Android is within the Google Chrome app itself.

  1. Within Google Chrome, tap on the dropdown menu.
  2. Choose Bookmarks.
  3. You will see your bookmarks. Both the local ones and the ones you synchronized with your Google account.

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