How to enable battery protection on Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung Galaxy phones are popular for their high performance, well-designed features and good workmanship. Samsung smartphones, on the other hand, are not always among the best when it comes to battery life.

After all, Samsung offers a function for limiting the maximum charge with the battery protection available on Galaxy phones. When the battery protection feature is on, the Galaxy device can only be charged up to 85%. The loading process then ends automatically.

This is because the cells in rechargeable batteries age faster at higher voltages. In addition, the cell voltage also increases as the state of charge increases. A charging range of 50 to 80 percent is considered optimal. Heavy discharge also shortens the life of the battery.

Galaxy phones have a slightly higher battery protection rating of 85 percent, which is a good compromise. Because the less time the battery lasts on the road, the less it is charged.

If you leave your Galaxy smartphone plugged in to charge overnight, be sure to turn on battery protection. Otherwise, your phone will be out of breath for months before it’s required.

Battery protection can be enabled in the following steps.

The linked article tells you which Galaxy phone settings you should prioritize.

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