How to eat vegetables to lose weight faster: 7 little tricks

Start a vegetable garden

If you have food from your own gardens, you start eating more vegetables and fruits. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. They are analyzed data from a pilot study of community gardening in two Navajo communities. It turned out that those who took care of their garden more than 4 times a month ate one more portion of vegetables and fruits every day.

What if you don’t have your own land? A small but useful garden can be grown even on your windowsill. More about this – HERE.

Carry a vegetable snack with you

If carrots, celery, cucumbers are packaged in small bags, you will get a wonderful option for a healthy and satisfying snack that will not be deposited on your sides, writes ETNT.

By the way, if at the same time you try not to keep harmful snacks at home, then weight loss will go even faster. After all, the main thing in our business is not to test willpower for strength once again.

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