12:00 PM

Monday 27 July 2020

The seriousness of the Corona virus shows that its symptoms are similar to the regular flu, such as coughing and high fever, but Andrei Tasyzhnikov, the chief adult health care specialist at the Ministry of Health in Moscow, revealed how to distinguish between a regular flu and a “Covid 19” infection.
“If you feel that you have a sharp rise in temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius, which is associated with all other symptoms such as weakness and aches, this is likely to be just a flu,” he said on the radio station “Moscow Speaks”. Smell and loss of taste. “
However, this doctor also noted that coronavirus infection has not been studied, understood and fully understood by all its symptoms so far, so infection with it can take place in completely different ways and forms, including without clear and specific symptoms, according to what was reported by Russia Today.
The World Health Organization announced last March that the outbreak of the Corona virus, which causes Covid 19, is a global one.
To date, this disease has infected more than 16 million people worldwide, of whom more than 644,528 people have died so far.