According to the Ministry of Health, the most common symptoms of coronavirus are fever and cough. Moreover, the cough is usually dry or with a small amount of sputum.

– Flu is characterized by a very high temperature – 39-40 degrees – and a cough with discomfort behind the breastbone, – says therapist Ivan Skorokhodov. – For coronaviruses, in principle, the characteristic goes in the form of temperature in the corridor 37-38, cough, sore throat and catarrhal sinusitis phenomena (nasal congestion. – Prim. row.) with a decrease in the sense of smell. This is typical for all viral infections, but coronaviruses seem to give it out more often.

Ivan Skorokhodov is a practicing therapist, an allergist-immunologist. Member of the Russian Association of Allergists and Immunologists.

The most pathognomonic, that is, characteristic specifically for coronavirus infection, is a change or loss of smell and taste. However, this symptom does not appear in all patients.

“Also, in some patients with coronavirus, even before the onset of the acute period, the state of health changes, there is a headache, aches, a feeling of malaise, and only on the third or fourth day there are detailed symptoms,” says pulmonologist Aleksey Krivonogov. – For the flu, the sharpest onset is characteristic. A pronounced initial general intoxication syndrome is also characteristic: pain in muscles and joints, headache, aches. However, in the first hours or in the first day, it is very difficult to distinguish this, therefore it is wrong to try to differentiate on your own.

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