How to differentiate between the symptoms of the Corona virus and the Asian influenza infection .. Know the difference

Many people are confused about the correct diagnosis to determine if you are infected with the Corona virus or it is just an ordinary flu infection, as the symptoms between both infections are very similar, which usually include fever, high temperatures or cough, but some signs may make a difference between the infection of the coronavirus. and other colds.

According to a report published on Healthline, there are some main symptoms that reveal your infection with the Corona virus, before conducting Corona analyzes, including:

High temperatures

When you feel high temperatures, you must touch your chest or back, you must realize that you may be carrying the virus.

persistent cough

A persistent cough is one of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus. There are some signs that it’s not just a common cold. If you’ve been coughing frequently for more than an hour or if you’ve had three or more coughing fits in 24 hours, you may be infected. Also the virus.

Loss of sense of smell or taste

It is one of the distinguishing signs that indicate that you are infected with the Corona virus

shortness of breath

It is also one of the common symptoms that occur to people infected with the Corona virus, as a result of a decrease in the percentage of oxygen in the blood, and the situation may develop into serious complications that may kill the infected.

There are also some distinguishing signs that indicate that you have an Asian flu infection, and not a Corona virus infection, and the most prominent of these signs are:

Runny nose :

It is a common symptom of colds and influenza, while it is an uncommon symptom of the Corona virus.


It occurs as a result of sore throats, but it quickly ends after several days of taking the necessary medication.

Body aches and headaches

That occurs as a result of infection and may be painful at the beginning of the infection and quickly disappear after several days when you commit to complete rest and take the necessary medication.


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