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The newsletter is one of the most effective tools for email marketing and commercial or organizational promotions in general. Thanks to its flexibility, it supports all types of formats, contents and frequencies. It is aimed at those who have shown curiosity about its contents, so it is not invasive, and it is perceived by the Internet user as a medium specialized in their topics of interest. There is the possibility of making free newsletters.

How to create a newsletter free. The newsletter (“bulletin”, in Spanish) can be done for free from most existing mass email tools. On these platforms, whoever wants to create a newsletter only needs to be able to manage their contacts (import, segment, edit, etc.) and have an editor with which to create the newsletter itself.

It is preferable to create the newsletter in a simple way, without complications. Also have the possibility of scheduling shipments, without having to be subject to the calendar or the clock to send it, on the day and at the time you want to send it. And if, in addition, the platform used has the possibility of generating reports and statistics, all the better. These reports and statistics are very necessary to understand the results of the newsletter shipments. It is like an “X-ray” of all the data, which allows the newsletter editor to understand the degree of penetration in the target audience, its acceptance and other results.

Mailrelay: drag and drop editor

For example in Mailrelaythe creator of the newsletter has a “drag and drop” editor to create designs in the easiest way, and it also has the possibility of scheduling the sending, so you don’t have to be aware of the moment you want to send.

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Mailrelay offers an important advantage over other email marketing platforms: it offers the possibility of opening a free account, with which the user benefits from the same features as a paying subscriber.

It has the largest volume of free sending: up to 80,000 emails per month, with the possibility of managing up to 20,000 contacts.

Does not include advertising in shipments, of any kind

No daily shipping limitation

Includes support and customer service

Multi-purpose newsletter

The newsletter can be used for everything that its creator needs: the usefulness of the newsletter is versatile.

It serves to encourage visits to a web page, direct traffic to the pages that are most interesting and to keep customers informed of news, something that helps build loyalty. It even serves to establish a communication channel with customers, or with potential customers.

The newsletter is a very versatile tool, with a very low cost, when a payment method is chosen for this service.

But what is a newsletter?

A newsletter (bulletin, in Spanish) is a publication that is sent to people who are subscribed to it. Both the frequency and the contents may vary, but the most common is that it is a weekly or monthly publication. Only in some cases there are daily newsletters, and much more occasionally there are biweekly newsletters.

The content of these publications is usually about articles of interest, about the brand that sends the newsletter, or about related topics that may be useful to subscribers. On some occasions, the newsletter may include some incentives to increase the sales of products and services, such as discounts or points and codes to obtain other products and services at low prices.

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value contribution

Although the original objective of the newsletter was not the sale, it is true that it helps to achieve this objective, thanks to the aforementioned incentives, and to the fact that they direct the traffic of visits to a certain website, where the recipient or subscriber yes you can make a purchase. Frequent contact with the user facilitates the newsletter helps create multiple opportunities to consider a purchase.

For all of the above, the newsletter is no longer just a communication tool, but also a promotion and sales channel. This fact makes the newsletter one of the most profitable tools available to any business. But we must not lose sight of the fact that the main virtue that any newsletter must have is the contribution of value.



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