Classic repellents

As their name suggests, they are used to repel insects. They don’t kill them. They often come in the form of a spray to be applied to the body (of course avoiding the face). Among the products to favor, those based on DEET at concentrations of 25 and 30%. Icaridin is for its correct effectiveness. Side duration of effectiveness, “The manufacturers are optimistic, they promise 8 hours of peace,” notes the UFC Que Chooser. “The average duration of protection measured during laboratory tests is more of the order of 4 hours. “

Alternative repellents

Bracelets, essential oils, candles are all the rage. But are they effective? The UFC Que Choisir does not go there in 4 ways: “Ultrasound, it does not work, whether it is a plug-in device, a portable device to put on (…) Essential oils not more. The bracelets don’t prevent bites, neither does the citronella candle. As for plants, geraniums or the like, they will never prevent blood-hungry female mosquitoes from biting. This is what is said.

What to think of insecticides

They kill! “Aerosol cans that contain an insecticide from the pyrethroid family are incredibly effective. On the labels, in the “Composition” paragraph, these substances are identified by their name which ends in “thrin” (transfluthrin, tetramethrin, etc.). “

As for electric diffusers, their efficiency is variable. It all depends on their composition.

Finally, what about ambient repellents such as spirals to burn? “They contain a molecule from the pyrethroid family. They are effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay, but they should be used only outdoors and, for good protection, you should be in the immediate vicinity. “

What is a spermogram?

Source: Destination Santé