How to check the balance of your savings subaccount

If you are currently contributing to the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) in order to get your mortgage credit it is essential that you know what the balance accumulated that you have in your savings subaccount.

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How can I check the balance in my Infonavit savings subaccount?

  • Enter the My Account Infonavit portal at the following link:
  • Press the option My Savings in your profile.
  • In that menu, the option How much savings do I have?
  • The amount you have in your subaccount should appear there.

There you will also be able to observe the chronological order of the contributions that you have made up to the moment of your consultation. This way you can make sure that the company or employer you work for is also up to date with the payments that by law they are required to make to Social Security.

This saving is extremely important because the home you can access depends on it, so ensuring that the company you work for makes its bimonthly contributions on time is something that you cannot miss.

This is also why you should review and make sure that the daily salary with which your employer or the company you work for registered you with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) since the contributions that are made are 5 percent. And if the salary with which you were registered is lower, it could take more time to generate your savings.

If you see the need to have the resources in your savings subaccount, you can do it in case of unemployment and a medical emergency. However, we recommend that you replenish these resources at the first opportunity that comes your way.

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