We are going to teach you all the ways to change the font on the iPhone. As in other operating systems, it is possible to write with another font, although perhaps it is not a very intuitive process.

The methods that we are going to explain to you in this tutorial they are quite simple and completely free, so you just have to follow the steps that we tell you below.

How to change the system letters

First of all, you should know that the font of the system interface cannot be modified, that is, we cannot modify the typography of settings, applications and others. What we can do is make various adjustments to the text itself, from the accessibility settings.

  • Open the iPhone settings
  • Go to the accessibility section
  • Go to ‘Screen and text size’

Here you can change settings such as the text to be bold, be larger, increase the contrast and so on. They are options designed for accessibility, but any user can modify them.

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How to install additional fonts

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In the event that we want change the font for writing in applications that support it, like Pages, we can download different sources on our iPhone. A good free alternative is iFont, an app that allows us to search for sources on the internet, but in a very simple way.

The fonts will be installed as profiles within the iPhone settings, and you can use this font in compatible applications. If what you want is to write with another font in everyday applications, you will have to use the last alternative.

Change font in WhatsApp, Instagram and others

Letters Ios

If you want to write with another font in any application, the solution is to install Font. This keyboard comes with dozens of default fonts within the keyboard itself, so you can type ᑕ OᗰO Tᗴ ᗪᗴ ᒪᗩ ᘜᗩᑎᗩ in any application.

This keyboard allows you to write both in the iPhone stock font and in different fonts. There is nothing extra to downloadas the keyboard includes everything.