How to become a star of the show – reveal the secrets

If you are still in hibernation, wake up urgently – right now there is a chance to grab luck by the tail and get on TV. At the moment, the channels are recruiting participants in a variety of TV shows. There is a choice for every taste.

Once again about love

TNT is launching a new show about love for those aged 18 to 35. New reality show will be on daily. The working title is “Perfect Strangers”, shooting will take place in South Africa, in Cape Town, the premiere will take place in the fall. There will be 11 participants, they are promised “crazy adventures and a chance to meet their true love.” In the project, people will be given a choice: a large sum of money or a relationship.

How to get there: fill out a form on the channel’s website

They will build love on “Friday!”: here Anastasia Ivleeva is going to look for a groom. 31-year-old Nastya in the nominal project “Heart of Ivleeva” will gradually get acquainted with the candidates for her hand and heart and, as a result, will choose one man of her dreams. 50 men of different professions and ages will be selected to participate in the show. In the questionnaire for potential grooms there is a mandatory column about a link to social networks. For casting, they ask for a salary and an essay on the topic “why Nastya”. And divorced Nastya, as you know, earns almost $ 3 million a year. And really – why? ..

How to get there: fill out a form on the website of the TV channel

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In a healthy body

In the medical show “I’m Embarrassed About My Body” on the Yu channel, potential participants will have to talk about their health problems. Doctors will help solve the problem, but you will have to show all the stages of treatment and transformation.

How to get there: fill out a form on the website of the TV channel

The show “Reboot” on TNT also helps to solve serious problems. A psychologist, a plastic surgeon, a cosmetologist, a dentist, a stylist work with the heroines. Here you will be presented with a new wardrobe, teeth inserted, hair dyed, acne and other cosmetic problems removed.

How to get there: fill out a form on the website of the channel

Dinner is served

On the TV channel “Friday!” a lot of projects dedicated to gluttony. For example, in the show “Confectioner” they take those who know how to bake, make desserts – your talents will be appreciated by the famous confectioner Renat Agzamov. Both professionals and amateurs are invited. Recruitment to the “Hell’s Kitchen” also continues, where you need to be able not only to cook cool, but also to find a common language with a strict chef Konstantin Ivlev. There is also a casting for the Battle of Chiefs project: here you have to choose in whose team you are – the already mentioned Agzamov or Ivlev.

How to get there: fill out a form on the website of the TV channel “Friday!” in the “castings” section –

Meanwhile, on the channel “Saturday!” couples are waiting for the culinary reality show “My wife rules”, hosted by

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Marina Fedunkiv. The meaning of the project is as follows: men stand at the stove to prepare a complex dish from the chef, and their beloved women manage what is happening in the kitchen and supervise their husbands remotely. The couple who cooks the most delicious dish wins a cash prize! The questionnaire for potential participants is simple: you will have to tell about your family, about what dishes you know how to cook.

How to get there: fill out a form on the channel’s website in the “castings” section –

Travel and adventure

New travel show on Friday! It’s called “Such Places”. We are ready to take a cool video about your city, its parks, reserves and other interesting places into the program. The authors of the videos will take part in the drawing of certificates for traveling around Russia.

How to get there: shoot a video and publish it on the channel website



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