How to apply the KonMari method in your office to increase your productivity

How to apply the KonMari method in your office to increase your productivity

Patricia de la Torre

If you are looking to increase your productivity in the office and simplify your life, applying the KonMari method can be an excellent option. The method, created by Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo, focuses on getting rid of what you don’t need and organizing your space so that you can easily find what you do need. Here we present you some ideas on how to apply the KonMari method in your office to increase your productivity.


Delete what you don’t need

The first step to applying the KonMari method in your office is to get rid of what you don’t need. Go through your drawers, filing cabinets and shelves, and discard anything that no longer serves you. This can include old papers, magazines, old meeting notes, pens that no longer work, and anything else you don’t need in your day-to-day life.

Sort by categories

Once you’ve eliminated what you don’t need, it’s time to start sorting by category. Marie Kondo recommends starting with clothes, and in your office you can start with the papers. Group papers by category, such as invoices, reports, notes, and correspondence, and then sort each category by date or importance.

Create a filing system

Create a effective filing system is key to keeping your office organized. Use filing cabinets, boxes, or folders to organize your papers, and label each one clearly so you can find what you need quickly. You can too digitize your documents to save space and facilitate access to them.

Keep your desk clutter free

It’s important to keep your desk free of clutter so you can focus on your work. Marie Kondo recommends keeping only the essentials on your desk, like a computer, phone, and a few basic supplies. Anything else that you do not need in your day to day should be stored in a designated place.


Use containers to organize

uses containers to organize your supplies and keep them in order. You can use boxes or trays to keep your pens, pencils and clips organized, and a tray for papers that need to be signed or processed. Be sure to label each container clearly so you can find what you need quickly.

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thank your objects

Just like at home, Marie Kondo recommends thank your office objects. Giving thanks for your work supplies can help you appreciate what you have and focus on your work more effectively.



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