how to apply for the savings card

The amount of electricity and gas bills can be lowered by requesting a card worth 40 euros per month. Let’s find out who can request it and how it works.

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I price increases are being felt and citizens who fail to support the general increases become more and more numerous. The forecasts for the future are far from rosy and it is feared that insolvency will become a habit to live with. The government is trying to come up with solutions to simplify payments and mainly support the weakest sections of the population. Think of the payment in installments of bills but so far the efforts made have not succeeded in raising the morale of the population. Remaining on the subject of bills, it is necessary to emphasize the possibility for some citizens to request a card with a monthly value of 40 euros. A saving not to be underestimated; let’s find out who the service is dedicated to.

Electricity and gas bills: increases are inevitable, but there is a way to avoid bloodletting

Electricity and gas bills, how to fight price increases

In 2022, citizens can apply una card to cope with the rising prices of electricity and gas. This is what the Ministry of Economy recalls, underlining how the card is topped up every two months with an amount of 80 euro. The recipients of the measure are families who are in a precarious economic situation.

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The sum can be used to pay the food shopping, buy medicines or carry out medical examinations or to lighten the payment of electricity and gas bills. To obtain the card, it will be necessary to respect specific requirements established by Law Decree 112 of 2008.

Requirements for accessing the service

The card for making essential purchases is issued to children under the age of three – the holder will be a parent – and to the over 65. Among the requisites, the ISEE of the family unit is of particular importance. The amount must be less than 7.120,39 euro as well as the total income received (rises to 9,493.86 euros for the over 70s).

How to apply for access

To obtain the 40 euro per month card, a request must be submitted by filling in a specific form. The procedure can be carried out at a post office or through the telematic channels made available by Poste Italiane, INPS, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and the Ministry of Finance (we remind you that access to the sites is allowed only through digital identity). The form for the purchase card must be completed with the data of the applicant, the beneficiary and the income data and must be accompanied by photocopy of an identity document valid and from the ISEE certificate.


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