How to Analyze People: The Complete Guide to Reading People Quickly (…), by Alexandre Dubois

How to Analyze People: The Complete Guide to Reading People Quickly (…), by Alexandre Dubois

Ed. Independently published (5 décembre 2022) 
“Sometimes it takes very little to turn everyday situations into real personal disasters. Betrayals, emotional abuse, deceptions, and even more serious events could easily be avoided by correctly reading the behavior of wrongdoers. Recognizing the unconscious signals of your interlocutor can make the difference between a life full of success and a life full of personal pitfalls”.

This is how Alexandre Dubois describes his motivation for writing such a book. His work is based, given its complexity, on 20 years of experience in forensic psychology and in the study of para-verbal language. This practical guide can be applied immediately and easily even by beginners. It allows the discovery of the 5 fundamental keys of body language. The first refers to how to interact effectively with the 3 unique macro-personalities.

It also exposes the unmistakable gestures of the liar. The third key describes the trap of verbal hypnosis in such a way that the reader knows how to recognize it, stop it instantly and use it to their advantage. The fourth key is devoted to everything that “traditional” coaches have never revealed in manipulation.

This through NLP. The 7th key recalls the infallible pillars of seduction… In his book, the author shows how to use them to make himself irresistible in the eyes of the opposite sex. Finally the last key identifies the 5 signs that undoubtedly indicate the betrayal of his partner.

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