how to add a contact without having their phone number

  • Within the app, open Settings.
  • Select the QR code that appears in the upper right corner.
  • Then the scannable code will be displayed.
  • After scanning the code, a conversation will open on both mobile devices.

For the moment, the beta version is only available for mobile devices with the Internetwork operating system (IOS) of the multinational company Apple Inc. Although, from the specialized portal WABetaInfo, they assure that it will soon reach Android. And finally, it will be in the stable version.


Steps to follow to add a contact by QR Code


It is also possible use a code previously saved in image format and it will also have the same function. Along the same lines, you can share the code in a group and all participants will be able to scan it in the same way, and thus add a new contact.

The first rumors that the platform, which makes it possible to send and receive messages via the Internet, was going to allow adding contacts via QR code appeared for the first time in 2018, but the feature had never materialized. Likewise, the function has already existed for years in other messaging apps, especially the Chinese ones.

The QR Codes (Quick Response, quick response) are codes with a two-dimensional square shape that act as a link between the real world and online.

Among the latest developments in the app launched in January 2009, is the option to increase the speed of playback of voice messages from 1x, 1.5X to 2X.

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