how to acquire the LGBTQ+ cryptocurrency launched by Pride

  • They seek to strengthen the first LGBTQ+ cryptocurrency around the Pride march.

  • Founders hope to raise enough money for outreach and entitlement initiatives.

  • The digital currency works in a metaverse with benefits for members of the collective.

The new LGBTQ+ cryptocurrency It was announced in December 2021 and managed to see the light in the blockchain ecosystem a few weeks after the Pride March took place worldwide.

MariCoin is one of the 10 projects selected by the acceleration program of Algorand Miami Accelerator, one of the blockchain platforms that has become relevant in the last year and that forces the entrepreneurs of the group to establish the new firm in Miami, but that also opens the opportunity to access financing from Borderless Capital, the organization’s venture capital fund.

And it is that, although it will work like any other crypto project, the utility of this token seeks to strengthen the LGBTQ+ community and integrate all its members into a “world power” that defends the rights of people with different sexuality and promotes non-discrimination. by gender identity.

MariCoin is mainly constituted by Juan Belmonte, as president, and Francisco Álvarez, as CEO.

This initiative has so far received investment from Borderless Capital, early adopter and other investors, generating interest from various businessmen and civil and private organizations that are increasingly approaching projects with a cause, among them the online agency DDB which Álvarez referred to as “the third global marketing agency” and who today works on branding for the cryptocurrency brand.

LGBTQ+ cryptocurrency

So far there are already more than 2 thousand maricoiners in the current phase of pre-sale in money fiat (euros, dollars, etc), which is expected to end at 1.2 million dollars by June 23, World LGTBIQ+ Pride Day.

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The creators of MariCoin are creating a metaverse, or better said “Mariverse”, for the LGBTQ+ community, where they will carry out a personalized task for the acquisition and transaction of the token, even with the support of the association of Onyze, a custody solution of cryptocurrencies.

According to Iván Becerro, CIO of the cryptocurrency company, the “Mariverso” will also have an island where users of the token will have preferential means to buy land, enjoy virtual businesses, become the avatar they want, build houses, companies, attend concerts… and everything that the digital ecosystem allows them with the MariCoin economy.

“This is a currency that comes to empower the collective. I would be satisfied today if everyone understood that the background is social, not speculative”said Malasya Serrano, Chief Community Officer at MariCoin.

Also, in the coming months, the inclusive company will seek to charge a small commission of 0.5 percent on transactions, this for its maintenance and development, even if they declare themselves a non-profit foundation.

In addition, this year MariCoin will be present at the “Prides” of 20 countries in order to position itself throughout the world and bring its financial-social cause to all communities, but especially to those areas where there are more complications to celebrate the party, either for funding or security.

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