How to access all DTT channels from the iPhone and iPad without apps in between

Watching digital terrestrial television (DTT) from an iPhone or iPad is possible. And we can also do it without installing any app. Well, we simply need to have our device, Safari and an internet connection at hand.

See DTT on the iPhone and iPad without apps in between

DTT groups hundreds of channels. And when we combine the regional and national channels, we quickly reach an unmanageable number. To be able to see them all, it is not necessary to install an app on your iPhone or iPad (Tivify is one of the most popular DTT apps).

All you have to do is access the service from your iPhone or iPad, a website that brings together more than 1,000 DTT channels, regional and international television and radio. So you can see tons of channels from any browser you have installed on your device. And with the addition that you can enjoy the PiP, viewing the images while doing other things on your iPhone.

The interface of this website is very easy to use and accessible for all types of user. As you can see, the main page is a mosaic with all these channels organized in an orderly way. Each channel has its representative icon so that we can locate them quickly.

This method of watching DTT on your iPhone also allows you to take advantage of PiP: close the browser and do other things while watching TV

We also have a search engine that allows us to find the channel we want without diving into this mosaic. By clicking on one of them, we can choose between the live broadcast or go to the playback on the web. The controls are basic: play and pause. Being live, you cannot move forward or backward.

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You can use browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari y Firefox, all of them compatible. You can also access from your Mac, with the same results and experience.



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