How the world will look like after Corona – an essay


How long will the face mask be needed?
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The pandemic is a major turning point for people and the economy. The state is back, science and work function differently. An essay from four perspectives.

SThe corona virus has dominated life in Germany since the beginning of March. In the beginning, many considered the highly contagious pathogen to be a local phenomenon in China. This view was disproved when it spread to northern Italy. Schools closed in the middle of the month, businesses closed temporarily, airports became ghost towns, and the economy slumped. No event since the financial crisis has affected people and the economy so much. Initial restrictions temporarily changed lifestyle. A new normal is tried five months later.

Nadine Bös

Nadine Bös

Business editor, responsible for “Career and Opportunity”.

Julia Löhr

Eckart Lohse

A look back shows that the political landscape after the outbreak of the pandemic is different than before: Parts of the executive branch took the opportunity to impress with their crisis management. The (supposedly) strong state has returned in economic policy, companies are testing new forms of work, and science has found a new role in imparting decision-relevant knowledge in politics. Which of these is permanent? Which mega topics come back into focus?



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