how the new social network dedicated to voice messages works

One new social network dedicated entirely to voice and vocal messages: this is it WeVoz, born from a Sicilian start-up specializing in vocal content. The new, all-Italian social network is accessible from all browsers and in preview also through an app.

The name comes from a union between the English word we (we, intended as a community) and the Spanish voz (voice). Not surprisingly, the launch of this new app arrives in 2022, being the year of the voice.

The creators of the social network explain that the intention is to communicate and relate in a different way and without the need to remain glued to the screen. “Unlike other social networks – they continue – on WeVoz it is not the algorithm that affects the virality of a content but the same users who reward the most popular voices”.

The audio usage survey

In view of the launch of the social network WeVoz has carried out a poll from which it emerges that for 8 out of 10 Italians the immediacy and practicality ofaudio are characteristics that i carry vocal content even more at the center of digital communication.

The survey, on a sample of over 1,200 citizens registered on at least one social network, provides some indications on the digital life of users: 61% make more use of the text format for communications, but 9 out of 10 users would prefer to do so via audio to greater clarity and intimacy.

According to two out of three users the voice has less chance of being misunderstood and also has the advantage of allowing, with an audio message, to play at the same time other activities. In fact, one in four respondents would prefer to be able to communicate on social media while doing something else.

Furthermore, 69% of the sample believes that the voice is indispensable as a communication tool. In recent years, with the pandemic, the trend therefore seems to lead to say that users prefer to communicate in the most direct way possible, with the voice but without giving up written texts.

How WeVoz, the new voice social network, works

WeVoz’s online platform is accessible from all browsers and is also available in preview with an app. The structure of the platform it is set up in an easily usable way from a graphic point of view, with an essential structure.

The idea is that of a kind of Twitter of the voice: the community can interact through voxes, that is short-lived vocal content scrolling through the timeline. You can also activate continuous playback of content to not use the screen.

WeVoz is equipped with a speech to text technology that allows you to simultaneously transcribe the audio message. Furthermore, through the tags the contents of the audio messages can be indexed and selected with search filters.

The contents are categorized with a traffic light system: with the verde the voz accessible to all are indicated, with the yellow moderately delicate ones and with the rosso those considered very sensitive and not suitable for children under 18: in this case the messages cannot be listened to or read without the user’s authorization.

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