How the Lonely Planet sees traveling through Switzerland

Martin Mischkulnig /

The backpacker’s bible shows tourists the way through a Switzerland full of “epic” mountains, cobalt blue lakes, fondues and cow trekking. But she also notes that what was once a special case is becoming more and more normal.

Actually, after reading it, there is only one conclusion: if you travel now, it is your own fault. Switzerland is “blessed with the looks of a supermodel,” enthused travel professionals. The trains would run “like in a dream”, even if you pay two francs to pee at the station (“Yes, Switzerland is expensive”). And the Swiss consumed sweet chocolate and salty cheese like no other people. In addition, the country is safe, at least in the sense that there is little street crime. The danger is more from the Swiss police, who have a reputation for arbitrarily checking people with a “non-European background or appearance”.

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