How the drug protects against HIV and AIDS

PrEP is an acronym for pre-exposure prophylaxis, which means a drug you take as a precaution to prevent contracting HIV. The PrEP offer is particularly popular in the queer scene. The last figures from the RKI were available in June 2020, when it was estimated that between 15,600 and 22,300 people used PrEP. The PrEP pill is swallowed once a day at a similar time to keep the protection in place. However, PrEP is also available with a different schedule, in which case it is taken some time before and after sex to prevent HIV infection during this intercourse. This special form of PrEP is especially recommended for people who do not have regular sex. Anyone taking PrEP should also be regularly checked by doctors. Liver values, kidney functions, HIV and possible other sexually transmitted diseases are tested at intervals of three months (PrEP only protects against infection with HIV, not against other sexually transmitted diseases). Only those who have checked themselves will then get a free PrEP prescription again for the next three months.

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