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Big Bang

We introduce you to the fascinating world of science and innovation. The secrets of the universe, of physics and chemistry, and the latest technological innovations.

The award was awarded to American scientists David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian for their discovery of receptors for temperature and touch. His research has important applications in the treatment of chronic pain for different types of diseases.

According to a statement from the Swedish Academy of Sciences, Julius and Patapoutian received the 2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine because their work has made it possible to understand how heat, cold and mechanical force they generate nerve impulses in our body that allow us to perceive the world and adapt to it.
About the topic Big Bang He spoke with Dr. María Florencia Coronel, associate researcher at Conicet and director of the Cancer Pain Laboratory of the Conicet Institute for Translational Medicine Research and the Austral University in Argentina, who works with the receptor discovered by Julius.

“They are two different groups that made two discoveries about the receptors that are responsible for detecting temperature and touch. They are located in the peripheral endings of sensory neurons that are responsible for detecting both harmless and harmful stimuli, which can generate damage and, therefore so much pain, “explained Coronel.

The interviewee also referred to the differences between Julius’s finding and Patapoutian’s —the first focused on the TRP family and the second on the PIEZO family—, their relevance in the field of medicine and the applications that have had so far in the Pain treatment.

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