How technologies can sustainably support firstline workers

Microsoft has presented its Special Report on the Work Trend Index 2022. The study focuses on first-line workers, i.e. people who cannot work remotely or hybrid even during the pandemic. […]

Microsoft defines firstline workers as people who cannot work remotely or hybrid even during the pandemic. (c) Unsplash

From October to November 2021, 9,600 workers in eight countries and eight different sectors were surveyed about their current challenges. The report provides insights into a workplace transformed by the pandemic and highlights ways companies and leaders can use technology to empower firstline workers’ well-being.

Here you will find a brief summary of the most important research results for Germany (Austria was not among the countries surveyed):

Reach firstline workers through culture and communication

  • 81 percent of the firstline workers surveyed in Germany feel connected to their colleagues because they were able to share common challenges associated with the pandemic. But 61 percent say their managers don’t prioritize expanding shared corporate values.
  • At the same time, 46 percent of firstline workers feel that they and their work are not valued.

Firstline workers are at a tipping point

  • 68 percent of respondents from Germany believe that stress will remain the same or even worsen in 2022.
  • They see the chance of better pay and a better work-life balance as the main reasons for changing jobs.

Willingness to use technology is high

  • 59 percent of firstline workers in Germany are enthusiastic about the new job opportunities that technology can offer them.
  • 40 percent of them fear losing their job if they don’t adapt to new technologies, and 48 percent have had to learn new technologies without formal training.

Information on the Work Trend Index 2022 can be found here.

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