Lhe history will remember that a thunderclap marked the start of the auction at the Château des Milandes. It is May 3, 1968. The start of a storm for France and a storm for Josephine Baker. Twenty-one years earlier, she bought the residence of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, built in the 15th century by the powerful family of Caumont. An Eden conducive to the creation of his rainbow tribe who will live there for two decades almost without a cloud.

The announcement of the second auction.
The announcement of the second auction.

Dordogne departmental archives

While the student unrest is reaching the faculties of the capital, the media All-Paris, for its part, is heading towards the columns of the Bergerac courthouse. Bruno Coquatrix, the legendary director of the Olympia, also made the trip. Cigar between his teeth, he repeats over and over again that his friend’s house must be saved. A few hours later…

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