How Saturday’s Solar Eclipse Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

The eclipse solar that you can see this saturday april 30 will mainly affect the signs of Taurus and Scorpioaccording to the renowned tarot reader Jimena the Tower. “Eclipses are the special moments in which the Moon and the Sun transit the same axis of the ecliptic and they make you live situations that constitute a before and afterdepending on what signs they fall into and where they happen in your natal chart”, explained the specialist and clarified that they are not for each one, but rather they impact everyone. “Usually in eclipses there are always more accidents, there are more critical situations,” she added.

This year the cycle of eclipses begins between Taurus and Scorpio. Both signs will be the axis, according to La Torre, who also specified that “are the line of money, sex, have and desireand they work a lot with these issues that have to do with humanity, the end of material things and money. Material things become less important and one begins to value other things,” he said.

Jimena La Torre’s Eclipse Horoscope for each zodiac sign

This year there will be four eclipses in total and the first will occur this Saturday, April 30, mainly affecting Taurus. There is going to be a partial solar eclipse will give structural changes in money. And it exposes companies that launder money. Do not make investments and do not be surprised if you do not have the money you had, “recommended the tarot reader.

He also made a special warning for those whose birthdays are this Saturday. You fulfill in conjunction Sun-Moon in eclipseyou are vibrating an energy that goes together with consciousness and unconsciousness at once. It will be a year in which you will take into account that you will not be able to be very decisive in your decisions because you are going to depend on decisions that have to do with the external and with the unconscious”, he assured.

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Sign by sign: how the solar eclipse of April 30 will affect

Although Taurus and Scorpio will be the most affected, the eclipses of 2022 will bring different consequences for the 12 signs of the zodiac.


“Aries always takes steps, I would tell you, without knowing why they do it. And suddenly he finds himself stepping on something very firm, something very certain, something very true. Both on the material plane and on the affective plane. There is progress despite the eclipse”, said Jimena La Torre.


Learn to fill yourself more with moments, not material things, things that fill your soul, like friends. Life is that, it is not how much money I have in the bank, but how much I have of people who have accompanied me for so long, and love me, and approve of me and follow me, “explained the tarot reader.


“There is a major advance. eclipses they are going to make Gemini reconsider about some economic issues that they let passsome investments that they left in another plane and to be able to put them into practice”, indicated La Torre.


“Los eclipses cause structural changes in what has to do with work groups, the society in which they move and how they make themselves desired. There is a quite strong turnaround, ”said the specialist.

A solar eclipse can be seen this Saturday, April 30 (Photo: Felipe Trueba)PHILIP TRUEBA


“For Leo it can be a hard time because changing is not something that amuses him, that he likes. This change can be tense and can generate drastic changes. Leo has a very positive destination for 2023″, predicted the tarot reader.

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“Although Virgo is the most detrimental sign this year, the eclipses make it a very good aspect for open your head and body towards new material projectss and realize that you can share them with love”, remarked La Torre.


“This will generate a dare to move forward in love, be encouraged to take a more committed step. Capable takes almost six months but something moves inside them that that love and that most real commitment emerges”, he indicated.


Learn to let go of those loves that bind them and that they have been made to act crazy for many years. This eclipse is awakening. Scorpio out there comes clinging to a love that doesn’t give for more: let go. You have to release it in that 2022 to be able to achieve balance“, Held.

Scorpio will be one of the signs most affected by the solar eclipse on April 30
Scorpio will be one of the signs most affected by the solar eclipse on April 30


“What Sagittarius is going to vibrate has to do with tastes. Sagittarius probably likes many things and this year he is more complex to enjoy them. Everything gets a little complicated for Sagittarius in this 2022. This eclipse makes them realize what they have and what they don’tand they lower the level of demand or optimism a little, to stand on an accurate reality”, he said.


“Eclipses give it a positive aspect. She works on everything that has to do with very intense emotions. For Capricorn these eclipses are yes or yes in having, which is not only material. For Capricorn, the material is everything, it is not just the house, it is the home, the children, the cats, the dog, the plants, everything. Release what you have and vibrate the emotion from an emotional place and period, not what you have, “recommended the tarot reader.

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“Eclipses make Aquarius look a little bloody, but Aquarius is used to intense changes. This sign does not want to stick to things that do not add up in life. So, the most you can achieve in the eclipse is to detach yourself from what you don’t want to have anymore. Money to pay, debts, commitments, get rid of everything that bothers you, ”he indicated.


“These eclipses give it a pretty positive look. Pisces can click and realize what things you really want to have and what you want to aim for in their true desires at an affective level”, he remarked.

The astrologer Jimena La Torre predicted what each sign holds with the solar eclipse this Saturday, April 30 (Photo: Facebook María Jimena La Torre)
The astrologer Jimena La Torre predicted what each sign holds with the solar eclipse this Saturday, April 30 (Photo: Facebook María Jimena La Torre)Facebook: Maria Jimena La Torre

When are the next eclipses and what changes will they bring?



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