Being attacked by a patient, reporting, obtaining a restraining order and that, months later, the aggressor re-enter the center. It is what a child psychiatrist in a hospital in Castilla La Mancha from his Twitter profile and in the face of which he does not intend to take legal action because “I have everything to lose. “ She is angry. “Who has to protect us does not do it.”

This professional explains to Medical Writing that despite having a restraining order, the judge has ordered the admission of the patient so that from the center “little can be done”. “However, my boss and the legal department are trying to resolve that the order is carried out and that he is transferred to another center,” he adds.

Feel impotence also by his companions. “We are exposed and we cannot do anything, least of all the psychiatrists. It is alleged Mental illness and that means that responsibilities are waived in certain patients. It was the first time he had suffered an incident of “this caliber”. “A comrade reported threats and a year after what happened to me, another comrade was also attacked in the same unit,” he explains.

After the assault: anguish, insanity and nightmares

This doctor remembers how the moment of the attack was. “At that moment you are in shock, in fact, I was comforting my partner and telling her that I was fine, that nothing had happened to me”, however she confesses that while the patient was hitting him He thought “how sad that they kill you in a guard”. He also remembered his mother and the only thing he could do was “roll into a ball and cover your head“.

However, the days before work, “especially when he touches guard again”, he began with “Anguish, insomnia and nightmares”.

Right after the incident, this psychiatrist – who has preferred to remain anonymous – reported the aggressor. His colleagues from the hospital helped him with the procedures: the security personnel reported the events and passed photographs to the police, and a colleague from another specialty managed all the steps he had to take. “As for the hospital, let’s say it was summer and there were no people,” says the professional, who does appreciate the support of the lawyer from the College of Physicians. “He was accompanying me and advising me. In that sense very well.”

In turn, he firmly considers that health professionals are unprotected. “And with the levels of aggressiveness that exist today, we will not take long to regret any loss,” he points out.

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