How not to get stung by bees

It has been repeated for some time how precious bees are for the survival of the planet, but when summer arrives, these insects are also spoken of for another reason. Newspaper reports have begun to investigate events in which the api themselves are described as too aggressive. In fact, we hear more often about their stings and gods problems they can cause to humansin reality there is no obstinacy towards people.

The danger of their extinction is concrete, so much so that it is thought to replace them with drones, but the problem is still underestimated. Also, summer stings do not help improve judgment on bees. The use of the stingin reality, it is a simple defense, when the insects sense a danger to their hive.

Avoiding being stung by a bee is not an impossible feat, at least by following a series of tips. One can rely, for example, on those of the consumer association Codacons who has drawn up a list with the right behaviors in these situations. It is not necessary to stay away from trips out of town or from picnics, it is enough to wear the right clothes: white clothes, in particular, can make the difference since any insect (not just bees) prefer dark shades. Orange and yellow should also be discarded for the same reason.

Too intense odors

Bees are also attracted to strong smells. Here’s why in case of outdoor activities perfumes, beard products and fragrances of various types should never be used: the risk is that insects could confuse the person with a flower and the sting would be inevitable. Although it has been recognized that these animals often take advantage of social distancing, in many cases they cannot stay away from us. Another tip from the Codacons to ward off close encounters of the dangerous kind is to consume more zinc. According to some scientific research, in fact, bees would more willingly sting people with a deficiency of this mineral.

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What to do in case of a sting

It should also not be forgotten that these insects do not tolerate certain smells, such as that ofwhite spirit. This is why those who dedicate themselves to painting, both of a picture and of a wooden shutter, are safe from stings precisely because the particular mixture of hydrocarbons literally makes bees flee. In the event that, however, you are stung, you must follow some precautions. The first thing to do is to identify the insect to understand what is the best treatment. As pointed out by the Codacons, there should be no confusion between bees and wasps.

The former have a golden brown color and sting only once. Wasps, like hornets, sting on more than one occasion. The sting, then, must be extracted a few seconds after the sting for do not allow the poison to enter the body. A nice wash with soap and water to make life difficult for bacteria and an ice cube can make all the difference, significantly reducing pain. There are many bees in the world, even carnivorous ones that never sting, but when in doubt it is always advisable to follow these suggestions.



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