How much will the repair of Checo Pérez’s car cost?

Red Bull must replace the gearbox in the Mexican’s car after its failure in Canada, know what is the estimated price of parts in Formula 1

On Sunday Czech Perez ended a nightmarish weekend with his abandonment at the Canadian Grand Prix due to a fault in the gearbox after hitting circuit barriers in Q2 on Saturday and not struggling to get into a rhythm during free practice on Friday.

However, it did not end there, at least for Red Bullwhich must replace the part in the car of Czech Perezthe third of four changes allowed throughout the season, but what is the cost of that repair?

According to Motorsportthe approximate cost for a gearbox It is $354,000 and the teams are allowed to make four substitutions throughout the season, in case of exceeding the car will be penalized with five positions on the starting grid for each subsequent change.

Czech Perez had to change his cash register before the first race of the season in Bahrain and before the Monaco Grand Prix, after his crash in Q3 before entering the tunnel in the Principality.

During his accident on Saturday, Czech Perez could not free himself from the barrier because the trunk of his RB18 was trapped, when the car left the trunk was completely destroyed and had to be replaced, this piece has an estimated cost of $141,500.

In short, the accident Czech Perez in the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve de Montreal had an estimated cost Red Bull of $495,500 enter here gearbox and the front spoiler.

This season the teams have a spending cap of 140 million dollars, which has been reduced from 145 million in 2021 and is higher than the 135 million limit for 2023, according to the FIA, although in reality that figure does not It is definitive since the FIA ​​itself indicates that it is for a season of 21 races, this year 22 Grand Prix will be run and in that case the limit will be increased by around 1.3 million dollars.


according to own Motorsportthe teams must pay a registration fee per season that is 577,278 dollars plus a sum for the number of points that each team obtained in the previous season, although there is a difference between the current champion (Mercedes) and the rest of the grid .

In addition to its entry fee, Mercedes had to pay $6,926 for each of the 613.5 points it earned last season, that is, it had to pay $4,826,379 to compete in 2022.

For the rest of the teams, the fee was $5,770 per point earned, so Red Bull he paid $3,955,613 for the 585.5 points he racked up last season.


Well, at this point we already know that a front spoiler costs approximately $141,500 While the estimated cost of a gearbox round the $354,000now let’s go with the rest of the elements that week by week can suffer damage and can be replaced:

Tires: In theory, they represent the “cheapest” parts for a team, but considering the number of changes they make, the total figure rises considerably.

Each set of tires has an estimated cost of $3,000However, teams are allowed to use 13 sets of tires for dry conditions (regardless of the compound), four intermediate and three wet tires, that is, 20 sets of tires in total, in case they use all (per car) the cost amounts to $60,000.

Halo: It was one of the most recent additions to the cars and also one of the most controversial, but its implementation, for example, prevented a serious injury to Lewis Hamilton last season when Max Verstappen’s car fell on top of his coming out of the pits at Monza, thanks to the alo the rear tire of the Dutchman’s car did not hit the Briton’s head. Its estimated cost is $17,000.

rear spoiler: At the Azerbaijan Grand Prix we witnessed a strange fault with Yuki Tsunoda’s rear wing only opening half of his DRS, this was ‘repaired’ in the race by AlphaTauri mechanics using tape to hold the wings together, Although the piece was not replaced in the race, it did have to be changed later and the estimated cost is between $85,000 and $150,000.

Power unit: In CanadaCharles Leclerc started in last place on the grid as a penalty for changing his engine, the fourth of three allowed in the season.

Although power unit changes are common in Formula 1, their cost is the highest of all, reaching 18.32 million per pieceabout.



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