How much is the dollar today? exchange rate this Saturday, July 17, 2021

The dollar is trading today, Saturday, July 17, at 3.8800 for purchase and 3.9900 for sale according to the Banco de la Nación. Likewise, in the parallel market (exchangers), the price of the dollar is located at 3,910 soles for the purchase and 3,955 for the sale.

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Exchange rate

The price of the dollar in Peru stands at 3,954 soles for purchase and 3,961 soles for sale, at the windows of the country’s main banks, according to information from Sunat.

What is the exchange rate?

To change a currency we use the exchange rate which is the price of the currency of one country (currency) in terms of another. It is also known as the exchange rate in other countries.

Why is the exchange rate important?

The exchange rate or exchange rate is important because it helps us to know how many units of national currency must be paid to obtain a foreign currency. For example, in Peru, to obtain a dollar, you must give 3 soles and a little more.

How do you know if a dollar is fake?

  • Embossed printing: This technique involves moving your finger up and down Benjamin Franklin’s shoulder, the left side of the bill should feel rough when touched.
  • Watermark: Every dollar has a faint image of Benjamin Franklin printed in the right space of the portrait that is visible when the bill is held against the light. The figure should be visible on both sides of the printed paper.
  • 3D Security Tape: Another way to see if a dollar bill is false is by the vertical blue strip located on the right side of the Benjamin Franklin image, it must be woven and not printed, you will be able to tell when you move the bill, in addition to the bells printed on the stripe become 100 numbers and vice versa.
  • Bell and inkwell: You will also be able to see if it is true or false by the bell printed on the inkwell, which represents the wells used to sign the declaration of North American independence, it should change from copper to green when you move or tilt the bill.

What is the Banco de la Nación?

Banco de la Nación is the bank that represents the Peruvian State in commercial transactions in the public or private sector, whether at the national or foreign level. It is a member entity of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

What is happening in Peru today?

President Francisco Sagasti estimated that face-to-face school classes would return in January 2022, if they maintain the rhythm and meet the objectives of the vaccination against the new coronavirus.

For this, the head of Government indicated that minors of school age over 12 years should be immunized. According to the schedule of the Ministry of Health, the campaign for this age group would begin in October and end in December.

The doses that will be applied to them will be those of the Pfizer laboratory, since only they have the international authorization to do so, the president explained in a press conference.


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