How much is it trading this Monday, May 9?

The Central Bank (BCRA) bought more than US$110 million, thus presenting a positive balance of US$630 million for the month. So far this year, the accumulation exceeds US$740 million.

“The excellent behavior of the agro-export complex, which last week totaled revenues of some US$1,191 million, has become the contributing factor so that the process of accumulation of reserves by the Central Bank has intensified from the beginning. May, something that the market was expecting with some expectation,” said analyst Gustavo Quintana.

Price of the solidarity dollar, Monday, May 9

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar – which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and 35% deductible from profits – rose 31 cents to $201.56 on average.

Wholesale dollar price, Monday, May 9

The wholesale dollar, which is directly regulated by the BCRA, rose 45 cents to $116.75. In this way, the correction compensated, as at the beginning of the week, the days without activity for the weekend, without this importing a change in the strategy of updating prices in the local market.

The currency traded in a selling trend due to the superiority exhibited by genuine supply throughout the day. The prices remained anchored around the official regulation values ​​and did not deviate from it throughout the day.

Highs at $116.76 and lows at $116.75, marked the narrow path exhibited by the wholesale exchange rate on a day in which the Central Bank was once again the protagonist in the development of operations. Income from abroad was installed early in the sector where banks and companies operate, smoothly supplying all authorized purchase orders. The intensity of supply once again made intense official activity possible, which with purchases that gradually absorbed all the available surplus, kept the fluctuation limited, defending the price floor at the date’s minimum.

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Price of the CCL dollar, Monday, May 9

The dollar “counted on liquid” (CCL) -operated with the Global GD30 bond- rises 1% to $210.18, while the gap is located at 80%. It comes from accumulating a decrease of $5.83 in one week.

Price of the MEP dollar, Monday, May 9

For its part, the MEP dollar -also valued with the Global 2030- rises 0.3% to $208.84, bringing the gap to 78.9%.

Blue dollar quote, Monday, May 9

On a volatile day, the The blue dollar erased the initial low and rebounded this Monday, May 9, to close at the same levels as the solidarity dollar for the second consecutive day, according to a survey by Ámbito in the Foreign Exchange Black Market..

The Casual Dollar up 50 cents to $201.50after trading at the beginning of the day at $200.50.

Thus, it was located at the same levels as the solidarity dollar, which operated around $201.50.

All in all, the gap with the official wholesale dollar stood at 72.6%, the lowest level in 15 days.

The maximum price of the blue so far this year was seen at the end of January when it traded above $223, prior to the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In the fifth month of the year, the blue dollar rises $1 after ending April at $200.50.

so far this year, the informal dollar registers a drop of $6.50 after ending 2021 at $208.

Crypto dollar price, Monday, May 9

The crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar is almost stable at $209.04, according to the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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