How much does it cost to hire Elon Musk’s internet in Mexico?

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The businessman Elon Musk already offers its satellite internet services in Mexico through Starlink, a firm that recently obtained permits to operate in the country.

On October 28 the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) granted authorization for Starlink Satellite Systems México, S. de R.L de C.V. provide your internet services in national territory, at least for the next 10 years.

If you are interested in connecting to the network with the internet of Elon Musk, at Sputnik we tell you how much it will cost you and what requirements you need to meet:

According to its official site, the monthly cost for the satellite internet of Starlink It is 2,299 pesos (114 dollars), but includes the cost of the equipment, 11,579 pesos (578 dollars) and the shipping and handling cost of 1,420 pesos (71 dollars). That is to say, the final cost for the hiring amounts to 15,298 pesos (764 dollars) for a service of between 100 and 200 MB of speed.

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According to the specifications on the page, the equipment shipped to the customer includes a Wi-Fi router, power supply, cables, and mounting tripod.

For installation, Starlink recommends doing it in a place where the equipment has “a completely clear view of the sky”, as objects such as tree branches, posters or ceilings can cause service interruptions.

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The only thing that must be done to contract this service is to request it on its official website and verify that the area where the service is desired has coverage.




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