How much does a retiree earn without contributions 2022

In this article we will detail how much does a retiree earn without contributions 2022. Also, we will specify how much is the retirement and the pension minimum in Argentina.

It is worth keeping in mind that a person who retires without contributions is only entitled to collect retirement minimum.

What is the value of the minimum retirement in Argentina?

The Government specifically announced a new increase for mobility 15.53% for retirement, pensions and allowances. Added to this is a monthly bonus or reinforcement of up to 7,000 pesos which will be paid in the months of September, October and November until the next mobility increase in December.

The new measures reach 6.1 million people, which means almost 85 percent of all pensions, and will gradually reduce to 4,000 pesos for those with an income of up to 2 minimum wages.

In this way, from September 2022, the minimum retirement will go from 37,525 pesos to 50,353 pesos. Likewise, the two minimum pensions will go from 75,050 pesos to 90,705 pesos.

This means that the minimum retirement It will increase by 73.3 percent so far this year, growing 7.9 percent above inflation.

What is the value of the minimum retirement in Argentina?

Since December 2020, the assets of retirees are adjusted by the mobility formula, which combines 50% of the collection of ANSES and another 50% of the salary variation of the RIPTE (Taxable remuneration of stable workers) measured by the National Institute for Statistics and Censuses (Indec).

For this reason, this last adjustment for retirees and pensioners with the minimum was known after the publication of the evolution of the salary index for March by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC), which was the only value of the formula missing to close the increase.

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This is the largest quarterly increase since the mobility formula that follows the evolution of wages and ANSES collection was introduced in 2021.

What is the minimum retirement pension 2022?

The values ​​of the minimum pension is equal to that of minimum retirement. Therefore, as mentioned above, From September 2022, the minimum pension will go from 37,525 pesos to 50,353 pesos. Just like that, the two minimum pensions go from 75,050 pesos to 90,705 pesos.

How can I know how much I will earn when I retire?

To calculate the retirement credit, the ANSES first determines the average salary updated from the last 120 salariesfor this you must:

a) Update each salary for him mobility coefficientwhich is given by ANSES for each month and year.

How can I know how much I will earn when I retire?

How can I know how much I will earn when I retire?

b) Se suman loose 120 salaries (the SAC supplementary annual salary is not taken), updated and divide it by 120.

How to access retirement without contributions

Retirement is a benefit that many strive to achieve after years of contributions. However, to obtain it, it is necessary to fulfill some requirements; such as being of the required age (60 for women and 65 for men) and having completed 30 years of contributions.

Therefore, many are those who want to know how to gain access and what are the requirements to access retirement without contributions.

Requirements for access to non-contributory retirement

First, it is worth mentioning that the landscape has changed for some time, since there is one pension moratorium for this group that did not meet the requirements. That is, you want to retire without contributions.

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As mentioned, the pension moratorium is a measure for those who want to retire and have no contributions; or they do not prove the required 30 years (it is an option to complete this number of years).

In this sense, it allows you to obtain the 30 years needed to retire (or those missing) and thereby obtain it even without contributions.

How does the pension moratorium work to achieve retirement without contributions?

The pension moratorium or retirement without contributions is equivalent to have minimum y consists of obtaining retirement but with some discounts; which is for do for years without contributions.

Requirements for access to non-contributory retirement

Requirements for access to non-contributory retirement

This way, if you retire with the pension moratorium, you will have two discounts:

  • Payment of social work: This is a discount applied to all pensions, not just non-contributory retirement.
  • Discount for the moratorium: It consists of a discount made on the amount of each monthly installment for the pension moratorium; that is, a discount for the years of missing contributions.

In the case of the moratorium discount, it will not be forever; as discount ends after a period of 60 months, i.e. 5 years. But this way you will be able to retire without contributions.

Who can’t get this retirement without contributions?

With the pension moratorium, those who have not made contributions or do not have the full 30 years of contributions can retire without contributions; since its purpose is precisely to get the interested party the years they need to retire.

Who can't get this retirement without contributions?

Who can’t get this retirement without contributions?

However, there are some impediments To opt for this pension moratorium:

  • Collect a pension (national or provincial), social plan or contributory pension: In this case, you will have to give this up to opt for non-contributory retirement.
  • has a widow’s pension: if you are a beneficiary of this type of pension, you will have to pay the pension moratorium in cash; which means you will not be able to access the payment plan.

To find out if you can retire without contributions, you have the option of a form in ANSES, which allows you to know your situation and determine whether you can apply.



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