In this way, the gap with the officer pierced 90% after two days above that level and closed at 88.6%.

Beyond this, The blue dollar is still the most expensive exchange rate on the market, almost $ 14 behind the regulated CCL.

After reaching an annual cap of $ 187.50 averaging the day of this Thursday, the price of the informal dollar fell 50 cents the day before, which represented its first decline in six days.

The price has overheated in recent days, amid the caution and uncertainty typical of a pre-electoral context in Argentina, where demand is accelerating, and sellers are withdrawing.

It should be remembered that the blue dollar came from touching its lowest price in 20 days ($ 180.50) on Wednesday of last week. Previously, in August it had registered its lowest monthly increase since March, climbing just $ 1 (0.6%).

These limited variations had been taking place in tune with the calm of financial dollars, mainly due to the intervention of the Central Bank (BCRA) through restrictions on demand and purchase and sale of bonds on the Stock Market.

In 2021, blue shows an increase of $ 20.50 (12.3%). After hitting a low of $ 139 in early April, it increased $ 9 in April (6.4%), $ 7 (4.7%) in May, $ 11 (7%) in June, and $ 12.50 (+7.4 %) in July.

The nominal historical record of the blue dollar was recorded on October 23, 2020, when the price shot up to $ 195.

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