How many years do we want GTA 6 to last? If Rockstar asks itself this question, it will find answers in MMOs.

GTA went in 2013 from being an adult, satirical and controversial saga, to a mass and eye-catching phenomenon for both adults and children —although the latter could be discussed another day—; Rockstar launched what is today a timeless game. If we take a look at the number of players that Grand Theft Auto V has amassed, it has kept close to more than 200,000 players monthly since then, without fear of a loss of players and with Steam as a small piece of the huge community what’s on consoles In terms of content, about 50 upgrades only for its online mode of which a quarter have expanded the history of the game world and its characters.

Having said that, is a possible divisive movement facing GTA 6 and its online mode? It is something that I have been thinking these days and it is that although GTA V maintains its validity, one day it will have to say goodbye, or not? We talk about speculation, but if we look at Activision or Blizzard, neither of them have been afraid of divide communities from Overwatch and Warzone with their respective sequels —which will be independent, thus dealing the final blow to their first deliveries—; and both movements still to this day they flake me and they raise an eyebrow. When a community of players is so established, you can’t offer them a new dish to eat at the table when they’ve been eating the same menu for a decade, and they’re happy with it.

The live service that promises GTA 6 – although we remember that Rockstar still has the last word beyond the first details shared by Jason Schreier – will seek to expand the online mode of this Grand Theft Auto even beyond what the current GTA Online has reached. This translates into a mass movement where the city of Miami will mutate with new locations, characters and events without feeling constrained by a model that has been getting out of hand year after year, something that happens to the current game with its Los Santos. The logical response and the very smart move for Americans would be to not put their community at risk and look to the MMO as model to imitate.

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In fact, the very concept of game as a servicewhich Schreier says will be the model of GTA 6, is based on trace the style of updates, expansions, and content that World of Warcraft has received over the years. This means, a base game that is not even a quarter of what it will be after a few years. A blank canvas with a small drawing that will end up in a wall with boring content, almost literally, but capable of supplying the most eager player with years of content.

Even GTA Online hasn’t been smooth sailing with hackers, bugs, and removed content hampering its development.

But what would GTA Online mean as an MMO? I still don’t know if the basics of GTA V can handle what I’m going to say, but the idea that I’m shuffling around in my eager head is to use the current game as point to expand the project to new heights with its sequel. That is to say, that GTA 5 evolves logically to GTA 6 as a campaign-product-game, but the players see GTA Online GTA Online as a independent project and valid even with the output of this sixth installment. That is the model of an MMO. World of Warcraft hasn’t been updated in its nearly 2 decades; he has not missed it. But if you want, we can take a look at what Epic Games did with Fortnite. It did not suit him to divide the community, and what better way to separate disparate experiences into chapters that even Unreal Engine 5 has embraced.

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Gta 6 1

It’s time to say goodbye to Los Santos, even if it costs

Because it is hard to imagine something like that? Not only because of the large financial investment that two contemporary and parallel projects entail, but also because of the advertising wisdom of selling GTA 6 as a game where you only enjoy part of the new generation content. To that we must add that GTA 6 will evolve technically and your previous proposal may not be able to keep up with you. The example of battle royale of Epic is legal, but the Fortnite update came thanks to the fact that it made use of Unreal Engine 4, but GTA 6 seeks to aim for the stars.

GTA 6 will modify the most emblematic mechanics of GTA 5, a change full of possibilities

Having said that, let’s return to the question that I asked myself at the beginning. How long do we want GTA 6 to last? What unique and complete projectthe sixth installment will have the same performance as the current generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, with a hard start, rough and hopeless that little by little it will become more accessible to the “newbie” player – after all, Rockstar will be able to do it by limiting content for one and the other. GTA 6 and its new online mode may take time years to take off Because, realistically, there are not so many people who find the investment of 60 euros to enjoy a campaign mode appealing to them; in fact, the average gamer doesn’t usually complete story modes even in games clearly focused on them.

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Even so, Rockstar will look for GTA 6 to last at least the current decade of its previous installment. There’s an audience for it, and the US team knows it, even if the community is reluctant to change. Watch Red Dead Online. The difficult thing is not to make a setting as well cared for as the American Old West appealing; the tricky thing is that not all games offer the same possibilities and, boiling it down to the basics, they’re just as appetizing as one you’ve been investing in for years.



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