how many patients in intensive care?

The beds occupied in the hospital are crucial figures for reflecting the daily strain on the health system. During the first wave, the peak of Covid-19 patients in the hospital was reached in mid-April (the 14th), with more than 32,131 beds occupied in France. In intensive care, it was April 8, with 7,000 people, when the initial capacity was then 5,000 beds.

During the second wave, it was in mid-November (the 10th) that the number of occupied beds was highest (31,477). Resuscitation stays for Covid are, on the other hand, much less numerous at this stage than at the height of the crisis of the first semester, with a rate of intensive care admissions of 400 to 500 people per day.

The big difference between spring and today is better care for Covid patients, treated early with high flow oxygen. They are given anticoagulants to prevent embolism and stroke, and they are given corticosteroids to calm inflammatory conditions.


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