How long does the delivery of a Renault Duster SUV take today

One of the great presentations of the automotive industry in 2021 was the arrival of the new Renault Duster, the second generation of the auto SUV boy that was launched on the market in 2011, and that 10 years later had its first big change, beyond some minor tweaks made mid-life.

For Renault, this launch was one of the most important in recent times along with Alaskanthe van produced at the Santa Isabel plant in Córdoba, since they are two vehicles for segments that are in full growth.

However, in Duster’s case, the bet of the brand for modernizing this vehicle cannot be seen in results, since Since its launch, sales have fallen due to lack of stock.

Renault Duster, it was renewed in 2021 but the offer is limited

The problem with this model is that no units enter the country and the forecasts are not encouraging either: in the last four months, in several dealerships not even a unit was invoiced and they do not know when they will enter.

The Renault Duster SUV car in cash: no delivery date

According to the consultations made in different official dealers of the brand, at the moment there are no sales of Duster.

Duster swims“, responded unanimously in different points of sale of the brand. At the same time they explained: “It can only be acquired by Plan Rombo. You already subscribe to the second installment licitás. If you have all the money you can win and so you can have the SUV,” the sellers explained.

On the other hand, when asked about the delay in case of being willing to wait for 0km to buy at counted, in all cases they said that it is not possible to speak of deadlines. “We haven’t invoiced a unit for 4 months“, they explained as if to exemplify the uncertainty.

Thus, for those looking for a Renault Duster, they will have to wait long months because, at the moment, not even in the dealerships do they have prospects of when they will receive the models.

Purchase of Renault’s small SUV by Plan Rombo

In case of choosing to subscribe to the Rombo Plan, the brand offers the possibility of doing so through the web. An example with Duster Zen 1.6whose price is $3.704.300is to acquire it in 120 installments (that is, 100% financed).

The values ​​of the installments start at $27,848. Add delivery costs ($126,020) and administrative costs ($3,704)

According to the calculations indicated by the automaker, the last amounts end up being $35,656 between installments number 59 and 120. However, it must be remembered that the fees of the savings plans are not fixed, but can vary every month with the prices of the 0km, which rise by 5% per month.

Fall of patents

lack of Duster It is mainly due to the situation that Renault is going through in terms of trade balance, which prevents many vehicles from being imported. That is why, in 2022, they will focus on national production models, following the strategy of Fiat, which achieved with the Cordovan Cronos to be number one in sales.

In the case of RenaultDomestic models are Sandero, Stepway, Logan, Alaskan, Kangoo van, and Kangoo passenger.

In the rest of the models, they all have limitations, and Duster feels it in the numbers: from being one of the best-selling small SUVs, in 2021 it finished with 2,269 units below Jeep Renegade, Citroën C4 Cactus, Chevrolet Tracker; Nissan Kicks; Volkswagen Nivus; Volkswagen T-Cross; Ford Ecosport; and Peugeot 2008, competitors in the same category.

In 2022 sales do not help either: in January 81 Dusters were patented; in February there were 65 and, in March, 17.

The changes in the new SUV Renault Duster

Last June, Renault presented the new Duster with a great deployment since the SUV maintains the same Platform B0 but they changed from the body panels to the mechanics, imported from Colombia.

Renault Duster, one of the few that reached the hands of customers.

Renault Duster, one of the few SUVs that reached the hands of customers

As for the engine changesthe entry-level versions (Zen and Intens) changed the 1.6 with 110 hp for a more modern 1.6 with 115 hp.

The Zen version is combined with a five-speed manual gearbox, while the Intens has an automatic continuous variator (CVT). The Outsider 2WD and Iconic 4WD versions changed the 143 hp 2.0 engine for the new 155 hp 1.3 turbonaftero. The Outsider 2WD has a CVT automatic transmission, while the Iconic 4WD is combined with a six-speed manual transmission.

One thing to note is that It is the most accessible all-wheel drive vehicle in Argentina. And, for the first time, it is offered with stability control (ESP).



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