How long does it take to swab after contact with a positive

The rules introduced with the new Covid decree eliminate the quarantine for the asymptomatic and vaccinated with a third dose, but in the event that you have come into contact with a positive and have symptoms, how long after exposure to the case will you have to swab? Let’s see precisely with what timing to perform a molecular or antigenic test to understand if you are positive.

From about 55 thousand new infections on Christmas day to over 128 thousand cases registered on December 30: Covid-19 continues to run in Italy, driven by the rapid spread of the variante Omicron. If it is true that compared to a year ago the numbers of deaths and hospitalizations in intensive care seem under control, every day thousands of people risk coming into contact with cases Covid-19 and they wonder after how long to make a tampon to see if they have contracted the infection.

The new decree of December 29, 2021 has quarantine removed For who is it asymptomatic and have completed the vaccination course less than four months ago or received the third booster dose, as well as for i healed, but if you show gods symptoms suspects, from a sore throat to a common cold, it is important to know the timing with which to carry out the test for understand if you are positive, also taking into account the differences between molecular swabs and rapid antigenic swabs.

When to swab after contact with a positive

If you find out about having been in contact with a positive you will no longer have to undergo the precautionary quarantine if you are cured or have completed the vaccination course for less than 120 days, or if you have already received the third booster dose. In fact, the new rules of the Ministry of Health provide that you must wear the Ffp2 mask for 10 days from exposure to the confirmed case of Covid-19, while paying attention to your state of health.

Should any symptoms, in fact, then it becomes necessary to carry out a molecular swab or antigen test quick, which will be executed “on the fifth day following the last exposure to the case“.

In a nutshell, therefore, if you are symptomatic you will need to swab after 5 days from contact with a positive, and even in the event of a negative result you will have to repeat it at the end of the quarantine, that is, on the tenth day, in order to re-enter the community.

Obviously these indications are valid for those who perform molecular swabs or rapid antigenic swabs that are administered in pharmacies. If you only have do-it-yourself tests to perform at home independently, keep in mind that theirs sensitivity it is minor and therefore you should not absolutely trust a possible negative outcome, but it would be better to repeat the do-it-yourself antigen swab every 2 days or so, to make sure that, in case of infection, the test is done at a time when your viral load is high enough to be detected.

Finally, in the case of positivity, always remember to notify your general practitioner who will prescribe a confirmation molecular swab.

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