How long does a dog live? Jack Russell terrier is the longest-lived breed

Those who decide to take a newborn dog can count on average over about 11 years companionship. At least in the UK. In fact, it is from here that the analysis on the life expectancy of different people comes dog breeds18, starting from the analysis of over thirty thousand dogs died over the course of four years. Objective: to find out how long dogs can live on average and how theirs change life expectancy over time and how much some breeds are at more risk than others for health problems. All this by giving some more information and support both to those who choose one for company and to the veterinarians who take care of their health, write the authors of the study, published on Scientific Report.


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The maximum life expectancy is for the Jack Russell terrierfollowed by the Yorkshire terrier and from Border Collie (all with an average leave of over 12 years). The minimum ones are instead for i pugsil English Bulldog (over 7 years both) and the French Bulldog, which has an average life expectancy of just 4 and a half years. The average life span of the breeds analyzed, as mentioned, is just over 11 years, a few more months for females. Both for males that for females the expectation increases somewhat (even over a year for females) for neutered animals.


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All of this already says something about dog health, as the authors explain. The so-called brachycephalic races (such as bulldogs and pugs), for example, can suffer from certain diseases and conditions that can compromise their life expectancy, such as some respiratory, spine and childbirth problems (we speak of dystocia).


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“A worrying fact that emerges from this study is the low life expectancy of brachycephalic dogs,” he commented Justine Shottonhead of the British Veterinary Association – Although this study does not directly prove a link between possible welfare problems of these breeds and a shorter lifespan, the findings serve as a reminder for potential dog owners to choose an animal based on health and not on appearance “.



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