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Green light to Psychologist bonus. The document of the Ministry of Health, in agreement with the Ministry of Economy, which establishes the procedures for submitting the application to access the new contribution established by the Draghi government, was approved on 28 April at the State Regions Conference.

The past few months have brought many challenges, in particular for healthcare professionals, students, family members of Covid patients, people with mental disorders and more generally people in disadvantaged socio-economic conditions, and workers whose livelihoods were threatened. The substantial economic impact of the pandemic may in fact hinder progress towards economic growth as well as progress towards social inclusion and mental well-being, as the ISS writes in its report.

As reiterated in the National prevention plan 2020-2025the mental health, an integral part of health and well-being, can be influenced by a number of socioeconomic determinants which must be addressed through comprehensive promotion, prevention, treatment and recovery strategies. Factors related to mental health and mental disorders include not only individual characteristics, such as the ability to manage thoughts, emotions, behaviors and interactions with others, but also social, cultural, economic, political and environmental factors.

What it includes

10 million euros allocated for this 2022 – the contribution will make it possible to approximately satisfy an audience of just over 16 thousand beneficiaries -, the Psychologist Bonus can be used to support expenses related to psychotherapy sessions with private specialists regularly enrolled in the list of psychotherapists, within the register of psychologists, who have communicated their adhesion to the initiative to the professional order to which they belong.

For this purpose, the territorially competent orders must communicate to the National Council of Psychologists’ Orders the names of the adherents to the initiative, which will merge into a national list.

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Who can request it: the requirements

The Psychologist Bonus it can be requested by all people in conditions of depression, anxiety, stress and psychological fragilitydue to the pandemic emergency and the consequent socio-economic crisis, who are in a position to benefit from a psychotherapeutic path.

The benefit is recognized, oncein favor of the person with a valid ISEE income not exceeding 50 thousand euros.

To support people with lower ISEE, the bonus is parameterized to these ISEE ranges:

  • ISEE of less than 15 thousand euros: bonus up to 50 euros for each session, for a maximum amount of 600 euro for each beneficiary;
  • ISEE between 15 thousand and 30 thousand euros: bonus up to 50 euros for each session, for a maximum amount of 400 euro for each beneficiary;
  • ISEE exceeding 30 thousand euros and not exceeding 50 thousand euros: bonus up to 50 euros for each session, for a maximum amount of 200 euro for each beneficiary.

How to get it

To claim the Psychologist Bonus you must use the online mode on the INPS website or the INPS contact centeraccording to the procedures to be defined by the Institute.

Within 30 days from the date of publication of the decree in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic, INPS and the Ministry of Health communicate through their website the date from which it will be possible to submit applications for access to the benefit and the period of time, however not less than 60 days, in which to submit the application. At the moment this date is not yet known.

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How to use it

The applicant accesses the INPS platform. Identity is ascertained through the Electronic Identity Card (CIE), the public system for the management of digital identity (SPID) or the National Services Card (CNS).

Upon submitting the application, the system automatically identifies the applicant’s tax code, the region or autonomous province of residence and the contact details, as present in the INPS institutional archives, and provides the necessary self-certification in lieu of to which he certifies and communicates the requirements for accessing the bonus.

The assignment of the benefit is based on the order of arrival of the applications, with priority for people with ISEE plus basso. At the end of the application submission period, INPS draws up the rankings, broken down by region and autonomous province of residence, and identifies the beneficiaries on the basis of the amount of available resources.

The INPS notifies the beneficiaries of the acceptance of the application and assigns a unique code.

The bonus must be used within 180 days from the date of acceptance of the application. After this deadline, the unique code is automatically canceled and the unused resources are reassigned in compliance with the regional or provincial ranking, identifying new beneficiaries.

Where to find the list of participating psychologists

The National Council of the Order of Psychologists will provide INPS with the list of professionals, psychotherapists enrolled in the Order of Psychologists, who guarantee the provision of services in compliance with the conditions, procedures and methods defined in the decree. In particular, it will send: Name, Surname, Tax Code, Address, Telephone number and e-mail address or pec address.

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LThe list of professionals participating in the initiative will be available on the INPS website, CNOP site e on the sites of the regional and provincial orders.

The professionals on this list, if contacted by the beneficiaries, must authenticate themselves to the INPS portal and enter their IBAN in order to subsequently reimburse the services provided. Also on the INPS portal, by entering the unique code associated with the beneficiary, they will be able to check the availability of the amount necessary for the remuneration of their service and make a reservation.

After the provision of the service, the professional will enter the data of the invoice issued, in the name of the beneficiary, for the purpose of the next refund that it will happen in the following month.

How to book your session

The beneficiary communicates his unique code to the professional released, the psychologist accesses the INPS platform and, having verified the availability of the amount of his service, indicates the amount by entering the date of the agreed session.

The INPS communicates the booking data to the beneficiary, the beneficiary can in any case cancel the reservation if he does not intend to use it.

Once the psychotherapy session is over, the psychologist issues an invoice in the name of the beneficiary of the service indicating the unique code assigned, associated with the beneficiary, and enters the same unique code, the date, the number of the invoice issued and the corresponding amount in the INPS platform. . Finally, INPS communicates to the beneficiary the amount used and the residual amount.



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