how it works and from when it will be available in Argentina


As explained by the manufacturer in a statement, to start the self-repair process, customers must first review the available manual for the device to be repaired on the support page, and then they will need to visit the tool store and order the parts they need.

Each of the genuine Apple parts are designed for each product and are made available to users after passing through a testing process to ensure its quality and safety. Also, they have the same price than those available in the network of authorized repair providers. For some of the repairs, customers will receive a credit when returning a replaced part for recycling.


In relation to the tools available in the store, Apple explained that the brand’s customers will be able to find screwdrivers and screen and battery presses, among other. It will also offer a series of packages or rental kits -for one week- of tools at u$s49 for those who do not want to buy tools for a single repair. The company will send them to their addresses of free form.

The technological manufacturer explained that -at the end of the year- it will include in the program manuals, parts and tools to repair Apple Silicon Mac computers. Along the same lines, Apple recalled that most of its customers do not have experience in repairing electronic devices and encouraged them to go to a professional provider for a safe result.

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The company also reported its intention to extend the program to other regions by the end of the yearstarting with Europe.



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