A portrait at times disturbing, that of Melania Trump which emerges from the previews of the book written by the former spokesman for the White House and Melania herself, Stephanie Grisham, and out on Tuesday. The title is almost a provocation: I’ll take your questions now, that is the phrase with which Melania addressed journalists during the briefings.

I do not want to do it.  On the day of the assault on Capitol Hill ... a bomb on Melania Trump from CNN, now risks big

And from the pages of the book emerges an obsessed Melania, just like her husband and former president of the United States from the articles written about her, which described her as a prisoner in the castle tower, jealous and furious at the news about Donald Trump’s affairs, which came out in bursts.

And again, Grisham claims that Melania Trump sported a false idea of ​​detachment, but in reality she was interested in everything related to her public image. He read maniacally all the articles that talked about her, even had set an “alert” on Google that warned her in real time about new published content concerning her.

The last scar on Melania Trump, this photo on the front page: toh what a case, what hadn't happened for four years |  Look

Then the anger for her husband’s betrayals, especially those with the Playboy ‘bunny’ Karen MacDougal and the porn actress Stormy Daniels, episodes for which she literally went out of her mind. “I don’t want to do how Hillary Clinton”, He confessed to his spokesperson, referring to the report by Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky.

Finally, we read in the book, Melania Trump lived in almost total isolation, completely “detached from the world”. The former spokesman explains: “In Melania’s personal office in the White House, the president’s wife almost never went, preferring to work remotely from his residence, well before the country did it for the pandemic “, he concludes.

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