How is it typing on a split ortho keyboard?

So-called split ortho keyboards should be particularly ergonomic. I put one together and write with it for a month.

The keys on your keyboard are usually staggered. This is historical. On the first typewriters, the keys were arranged in a staggered manner so that the type bars did not interlock. This design was never considered. And so the keys on most modern computer keyboards are staggered.

So-called ortholinear keyboards go a different way. The keys are arranged in a checkerboard pattern. That should be more ergonomic. Split ortho keyboards are also split down the middle. This allows you to place the left and right halves at the most comfortable distance and angle for you. That should be even more ergonomic.

I want to write with a keyboard like this for a month now. But first I need to assemble them. As a keyboard nerd, I can’t and don’t want to type on a ready-made keyboard. You can see how I felt during assembly and the first tap in the video above. I’ll get back to you in four weeks with my summary of my endeavor.

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