How Iranian propaganda is spread in the heart of Berlin

How Iranian propaganda is spread in the heart of Berlin

Two regimes in one house

The entrance area of ​​the Russian House on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin.  The Russian House is an event and cultural center and was opened on July 5, 1984 as the House of Soviet Science and Culture.

The entrance area of ​​the Russian House on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin. The Russian House is an event and cultural center and was opened on July 5, 1984 as the House of Soviet Science and Culture.

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Women in particular are fighting for their rights in Iran – and against a mullahs’ regime that suppresses all opposition and executes its opponents. But in Berlin, this regime can continue to spread propaganda undisturbed. A facility of the Russian state, which has been on the EU sanctions list since last year, is also helping.

Felix Huesmann

Berlin. A cold Wednesday evening in February 2023. A light is still on in a side wing of the Russian House. The bulwark of Russian culture and propaganda extends over seven floors with a total of 29,000 square meters in the best location in Berlin. The house is on Friedrichstraße, diagonally across from the French luxury department store Galeries Lafayette.


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