How hot!  Natalia Paris showed off her curves in a tiny bikini and turned on the networks

How hot! Natalia Paris showed off her curves in a tiny bikini and turned on the networks

It is no secret to anyone that Natalia Paris She has become one of the most acclaimed women by the public, not only nationally, but globally, coming to sound in countries like Mexico and the United States, In short, a name that resonates in high ranks.

And it is not for less, because from a very young age he made his way in the world of modeling, even appearing wearing some sensual bikinis on the covers of the notebooks that many will surely remember.

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Of course, it is important to remember that Natalia put aside her life as a magazine model and focused on one of her main passions, music, becoming an electronic music DJ.

However, despite this, the paisa does not hesitate to continue showing that she maintains the title of one of the most beautiful in the world of entertainment, sharing through her networks one or another postcard where he shows off his hot attributes.

Natalia Paris raises the temperature with a bikini photo

As they say, Natalia is like wine, Well, the more the years go by, the better he getssince at 49 years old the celebrity has one of the most envied bodies and admired from the screens, preserving a community that exceeds a million and a half followers who every day leave endless compliments and messages of support.

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This is how we could see her in one of her most recent photographs, enjoying a vacation on the islands of San Andrés, accompanied by her friends and work team, wearing a tight bathing suit that exposed her marked figure, unleashing a large number of messages about it.

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“She is beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside”, “What a beauty”, “We won the lottery jackpot for meeting you”, “What a beautiful thing”, “The years do not pass”“Marry me”, “How hot”were some of the reactions.

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