How has Aston Martín fared without the Mexican Checo Pérez?

After winning the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Checo Pérez celebrated with the members of Red BullBut he also did it with Aston Martin mechanics and engineers, with whom he worked for six years. The Mexican had a contract with this team for two more years, although the team decided not to continue.

Lawrence Stroll, shareholder of the team, decided to cut the Mexican before reaching the middle of the 2020 season to make way for four-time champion Sebastian Vettel, who was ending his contract with Ferrari, so the Mexican left the team after six years.


Aston Martin survives without a Czech

Aston Martin has had uneven point production with the Vettel-Stroll duoAlthough the German begins to show signs of recovery to such a degree that he is accompanying Checo from second place on the podium. While Checo maintains a good production of points after six dates this season with Red Bull, to which he has given 69 units.

By itself, Czech nearly doubles total Aston Martin production, a team that he joined in 2014, when it was called Force India.

Vettel does not fill his shoes: How has Aston Martín done without Checo Pérez?

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Stroll does not end up consolidating in F1

In his first six races with Aston Martin, Vettel has contributed 28 points, not a bad production considering that in the first four he did not make units. With that production, the ex-Ferrari driver is ninth in the drivers classification, however, the production of Lance Stroll, he’s out after three years on the team.

Lawrence’s son has only scored points in three races, for a total of nnine units, with which it is thirteenth.

Lance Stroll con Aston Martin

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This production, between Vettel and Stroll, has at Aston Martin in sixth place in the constructors’ standings, below Alpha Tauri.

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In 2021, at this point in the season, Racing Point had 78 points, of which 32 had been contributed by Checo Pérez, despite the fact that he had lost two races after testing positive for COVID, however what Vettel did make Aston Martin has improved the point production of the 2019, 2018 and 2015 seasons.

In this way, Aston Martin has managed to survive without Checo, although it does not end up being a consistent team compared to its time with Checo Pérez.

There is a before and after Checo Pérez

2021 (Aston Martin)
37 points
Lance Stroll: 9 puntos
Sebastian Vettel: 28 points

2020 (Racing Point)
78 points
Checo Pérez: 32
Lance Stroll: 40
Nico Hulkenberg: 6

2019 (Racing Point)
17 points
Checo Pérez: 13
Lance Stroll: 4

2018 (Racing Point)
26 points
Checo Pérez: 17
Esteban Ocon: 9

2017 (Force India)
51 points
Checo Pérez: 32
Esteban Ocon: 19

2016 (Force India)
37 points
Checo Pérez: 23
Nico Hulkenberg: 14

2015 (Force India)
17 points
Checo Pérez: 11
Nico Hulkenberg: 6

2014 (Force India)
67 points
Checo Pérez: 20
Nico Hulkenberg: 47

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